Orders and Shipping

What if my order arrives damaged?

If your shipment arrives clearly damaged, please make a note on the receipt that the courier or other delivery party requires you to sign. Then open the package and carefully check your goods for signs of damage even in front of the delivery driver if you’re able.

If your order is damaged during delivery, please refuse the delivery and contact us via phone or support ticket if you are present for its arrival. Be careful not to assume “fin” depressions to the core of a radiator is damage. Often handling of radiators results in small indents to the middle areas. Pay attention to the perpendicular “tubes”. Damage to these areas can result in leaking. To test a radiator, you can always plug the connections with a rag, and run hose water through the system to create enough pressure to check for a potential leak.

Radiator Expert Tip – Inspect your shipment immediately, even in front of the delivery driver if your able. The faster the product is claimed and returned, the quicker we can assist in replacing the product. DO NOT under any circumstance put antifreeze into an item you think may be damaged. Once this is done, the shipment carrier will not return the item under claim for you.

“In the event you discover damage to an item after delivery, contact the shipment company immediately. Follow their prompts to a “live representative” and provide them the tracking number from the package. Whether there is visible damage to the package or not, it needs to be claimed as damaged to the third party shipper so that it will be returned prepaid by them to the shipping location, rather than at your cost. Sometimes a carrier will tell you to contact the shipper – in this case, your item may have come from over 100 individual shipment accounts, so you may need to inform them you are unable to contact them directly and rather the service provider has informed you to file the claim. If you request an item picked up and returned to the shipment location your third party carrier is required to do so. For UPS services, the item returns under the same tracking number. For FEDEX and other carriers, a new return tracking number will be provided to you on the phone. We suggest your filing a support ticket once you have arranged the item to be removed, provide us the tracking information, so that we can assist with your return.

Immediate replacements will be sent with a temporary charge placed on your card. If you need a radiator and fast, we suggest your placing the order online via www.RadiatorDiscountDepot.com or via phone with the sales staff. Sometimes shipping damages can take days to resolve with a shipment company due to pickup scheduling and other factors.

“Radiator Expert Tip” – Don’t forget to file a support ticket under the Return a Part / File a Claim department. And don’t let a third part shipment company mislead you. They have to pickup an item if you call and say it arrived damaged…Also, don’t lose the box or claim the item after 30 days.. Then you have to ship it back at your own expense!”

When accepting a freight shipment, it is very important that you note any damage at the time of delivery in order to facilitate the damage claim process. When damage is noted only after the item has been accepted for delivery free and clear, you may need to file a concealed damage claim with the freight company. If, after accepting delivery, you discover concealed damage that was not apparent at the time the item was delivered, please contact us immediately at 1-800-449-0941 so we can assist you. Please also be sure to keep all the original boxes and packaging until your damage claim is resolved. In cases where only part of your item is damaged, we may be able to send out a replacement part, although for some items that may not be possible. In cases where sending out replacement parts is not an option, we will help you file a concealed damage claim with the freight company, for full or partial compensation. All damage claims are time sensitive and must be reported no later than 7 days after the item is received. We regret that we cannot accommodate freight damage claims that are reported more than 7 days after delivery.

If you receive a damaged item from a UPS or FedEx shipment, simply notify us within 7 days of receiving your shipment. We will send out a replacement and arrange for the damaged item to be picked up. In some cases, if only a part of the item is damaged, we may send out a replacement part. In cases where the damage can be corrected with replacement parts, we will not replace the entire item. We regret that we cannot accommodate damage claims that are filed more than 7 days after delivery. Depending on the item you’ve ordered and the nature of the damage, damage claims and claims for replacement items can sometimes take several weeks or more to process; therefore, should you receive a damaged item, we may recommend that you place a new order for a replacement to expedite processing and delivery. In this case, when the damage claim is resolved, we will issue you a full credit for your original purchase.

Radiator/Cooling System

How can I tell if my coolant is OK?

Generally speaking, a lower temperature Thermostat will not improve cooling system efficiently if other components, such as the radiator and the water pump are not providing adequate assets to remove the heat generated. Inspect the entire cooling system prior to replacing the thermostat as a “quick fix”. On cars equipped with Timing Belts, it is a prudent recommendation to replace the Water Pump while incurring the labor of belt replacement. Check to see that the radiator fan or auxiliary fan is free of leaves and road debris to ensure efficient function.

How can I tell if my car is overheating?

If you find brown foamy residue in your coolant you may have a cracked cylinder head, causing overheating. Have your radiator pressure checked at your local radiator shop. Pressure loss can cause overheating. Broken radiator fan blades can quickly destroy the water pump shaft bearing. Radiator Caps should be inspected, tested and replaced as necessary. A cap that has failed to hold system pressure can cause coolant loss and overheating conditions. In many cases, boiling of a radiator will not improve its cooling efficiency significantly, and it is best to replace the radiator or have it re-cored. Cooling System Hoses have a tendency to fail by either becoming soft and gummy, or by drying and cracking. It is recommended to change all Cooling System and Heater hoses between 80-100,000 miles or every 4 years, whichever comes first.