Return Policy

Each radiator from Radiators Discount Depot is manufactured under the strictest guidelines of the Industry to ensure that each is free from material and workmanship defects. Each radiator carries a limited warranty verifying that all defective radiators under normal use/service for 12 months (from date of sale to first end user) will be credited or replaced. Certain restrictions may apply.

In the event that a customer is in possession of a defective product from any of our manufacturers, please contact the Radiators Discount Depot Warranty Claims Department and follow these Warranty Claims procedures:

  • Inform a Radiator Discount Depot sales person of the claim item(s) and obtain Warranty Return Authorization (WRA) form & WRA# via fax.
  • Once form/WRA# is received, complete & sign and refax or email back to our office with your original receipt.
  • Send Warranty Return item(s), as discovered (i.e.: piece-by-piece), by prepaid UPS ground, Fed-Ex ground, unless prior shipping arrangements have been made with Radiators Discount Depot. (Shipping charges will be credited back for every VALID return.)

Warranty Claim Returns: The following conditions MUST be met to ensure proper inspection of your claim(s):

  • Verify that the item(s) in question are in fact Radiators Discount Depot products purchased from Radiators Discount Depot.
  • Returned in its original box (Provide Invoice# and/or Date of Purchase). Items returned without the original box or returned in boxes other than the original box may not receive full credit, at discretion of Radiators Discount Depot.
  • Confirm that each product is drained of all existing fluids (e.g. radiator coolant and transmission oil).
  • Make certain that all boxes are marked with a Radiators Discount Depot WRA# in order for them to be accepted by our warehouse facility.

We will issue a full refund for any returned auto parts when your return meets the above requirements, less our 15% restocking fee. The cost of shipping (if any) will be credited only in those instances where the return is a result of our error or involves a defective auto part. All other situations require the customer to pay the cost of return shipping and a 15% restocking fee from the refund.

Freight Damages & Mis-Shipment Returns:

  • For items damaged, lost, or tampered within transit, notification to the freight carrier or Radiators Discount Depot must be made within 24 hours after receiving the product (i.e.: date of delivery on Bill of Lading) for valid claim.
  • For short/over-shipments or mis-shipments (i.e.: wrong part number delivered) notification to Radiators Discount Depot must be made within 24 hours after receiving product for valid claim.
  • Make sure any irregularities (i.e.: tampered shrink wrap, damages, missing items) are NOTED upon receiving the Original Bill of Lading and faxed to Radiators Discount Depot.

Returned Items Review: Once the WR items are received, warehouse personnel will carefully inspect and determine the validity of the claim. Approved claims are forwarded to the Warranty Claims department to process for credit or replacement.

Invalid Warranty Claims: In the event that an item is not qualified as a valid warranty return, Radiators Discount Depot will issue a fax-letter or email stating the reasons why it was denied. It is up to the customer’s discretion whether to have this product(s) discarded or returned. Freight costs to & from Radiators Discount Depot will be at customer’s expense.

Standard reasons for denied claims:

  • Possible tampering or mishandling of merchandise.
  • Clogged radiators or condensers.
  • The part was not manufactured by Radiators Discount Depot or purchased from Radiators Discount Depot Inc.
  • After inspection, there was no defect found.
  • Item mistakenly ordered by customer.
  • Improper coolant, mixture, or maintenance: we require the use of distilled water when using a 50/50 mix of coolant due to high levels of chlorine among other minerals often found in regular tap water, sludge or corrosive coolant can cause leaks or blockages leading to excessive system pressure and premature radiator failure.
  • Stripped threads: threaded connections should always include Teflon tape and be mounted by hand before slightly tightening to ensure a snug seal. Over tightening and improperly mounted threads are the leading causes for this type of failure.
  • Physical damage: to any part of the radiator is not considered a manufactures defect and therefore not covered under warranty.
  • Electrolysis: is caused by stray electrical current form improperly grounded components. Electrolysis can cause a radiator to fail in as little as 3 months. Most commonly recognized as multiple leaks in the same area, usually near inlet connection side of core with white flaky discolorations and a strong distinct odor. Under magnification, electrolysis resembles acid etching of the tubes from the inside out. Test reading of the coolant system exceeding,10 volts are a clear indication of electrolysis.
  • Excessive system pressures: combustion leaks, seized pressure caps, improper coolant mixtures and faulty cooling fans can increase system pressures significantly higher than the 13-18 Psi average operating range. Over-pressurized system usually result in blown tanks and expanded tubes or cores.
  • Commercial use: vehicles used in fleet, commercial, governmental, off-road, or racing applications do not qualify for warranty.
  • Repairs unauthorized by Radiators Discount Depot.

For any questions or concerns regarding the Warranty Return procedures, please contact the Warranty Claims Department at